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J.J. Kahn, Author

Author J.J. Kahn Presents Books and Art that Inspire

Author J.J. Kahn is renowned for his compelling narrative style and insightful explorations of personal growth, inspiring readers to follow the path to their fullest potential. Additionally, his captivating children’s stories instill values of resilience and kindness, inspiring the next generation. Complementing his profound words are vibrant custom artworks by a local artist, adding a visual dimension to the children’s stories that enhances the narrative journey, making each book an enjoyable experience that resonates deeply with readers of all ages.

The Transformation Equation

With this book, embark on your own personal development journey; become the best version of yourself, paving the way for greatness and fulfillment.

Chidren's Story Books

Enjoy separate children’s books, each with 3 stories inspiring characteristics such as courage, honesty, adventure, imagination, friendship, community and more. Perfect for reading to young children before bedtime or for young readers to read on their own.

Custom ArtWork

Each of the children’s story books has pieces of custom artwork provided by artist Susan Bryant.

Purchase prints of your favorite images in the shop or contact the artist to commission an individual painting to enjoy decorating a child’s room or favorite reading spot.

About the Author

Inspiring Individuals to Unlock their Potential

During his international business journeys, spanning 28 countries across six continents, John cultivated a deep appreciation and passion for diverse cultures. Through the combination of his executive role in computer services and his unwavering love for exploring other countries, John acquired a culturally diverse perspective and compassion for others. This also led to his authoring fun children’s stories that promote character, courage and compassion.

During his post-retirement role in Direct Sales, John identified a common theme within this industry: the importance of self-motivation and personal growth. However, available guidance often lacked the “How To”, a practical roadmap for creating someone’s individualized Personal Development plan. This realization fueled his mission to empower individuals with meticulously tailored steps to unlock their full potential and achieve their dreams, culminating in his vision and mission to write this “How To” book on personalized development, titled The Transformation Equation.

John Kahn

Children's Stories Art Work by Artist Susan Bryant

Herein lies the opportunity to become the best version of yourself, paving the way for greatness & fulfillment.


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From the Book:
“My purpose became clear: I wanted to empower individuals with well-thought-out and meaningful plans which unlock their full potential and strive to live their dream lives. My vision was to write a book which focused on the detailed processes and steps in creating a truly individualized personal development plan.”

I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book. - J.K. Rowling


Inspiring Children's Story Books

With separate children’s books, each containing 3  inspiring stories for children, you are going to want all of them for your collection. Perfect for reading at bedtime to kids or grandkids, nieces and nephews, adults and children alike enjoy the stories and artwork. 

Characters like lost teddy bears, mermaids in the sea, shy turtles, giggling fireflies and more will delight the whole family.

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